Auto Injury

If you have been recently involved and injured in an auto accident, you must be overwhelmed by the amount of information you received about your insurance's claim, choices of treatment, referral services, etc. You may have many auto accidents questions and not sure what to do, who to ask or even where to go. 

Signature Chiropractic is here to help you with your auto accident injuries. We are experienced in treating and managing your personal injury case, auto accident injuries, and soft tissue injuries. Headache, neck pain, dizziness, back pain, pain in the shoulders, arm, knees, legs are a few of the problems that can occur. You may also experienced in limited range of motion, unable to turn and bend. These symptoms and pain intensity response extremely well with Chiropractic care. Dr. Le will ensure to recommend proper treatment plan and to help you return to pre-injury status.  


Sport Related Injury

Many sport-related injuries involve the spine and the soft tissue surrounding it. These injuries may increase pain, restrict range of motion, reduce strength, shorten endurance and decrease performance. Studies has shown and proven that it is very important for athletes to seek chiropractic treatment and care immediately following an injury.

Today's professional sports teams are truly invested in their player's health and performance, and finally Chiropractic has become a common practice to help athletes prevent injuries and perform well. That means regular Chiropractic care plays a major roll in performance of many competitive athletes.